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Here are a selection of letters and emails HART has received from past adopters telling us about their new family member(s)!

"I just wanted to give you an update on Arya. She is doing great! She just turned 6 months a couple days ago! She is getting really big...she is such a sweet heart! I just can't get over how lovey she is. As far as her health goes, she no longer shows any symptoms of that cold she had, which is good. She does occasionally throw up, but I think its because she eats my hair... strange kitten. Its probably once a week, so its not frequent enough to cause any concern but I am keeping an eye on it. Both Dan and I just love her to death. I think that we will definitely get another cat in the future, once we move into a bigger apartment. I have been so impressed with HART that we will definitely be back. I recommended HART to a co-worker of mine who is looking for a kitten, so hopefully something works out! Take care,"

~ Melissa S - November, 2012

"Peace and Love are doing great! Quiet day, resting and sleeping. But the evening is a different story. String chasing and laser light chasing. They each got a new mouse. Right now they are chasing each other. Punpkin has been consumed. Belly's may be calming down. Just about time to settle down, they are tired now and have had an exciting day.   My sons are heading back to college tomorrow and have enjoyed having some time to bond with them. They may be 18 and 21, but you should see them both with kittens. They will be back in 2 weeks for Christmas break. I will let you know how the peace is tomorrow."

~ Sheri H. - November, 2012

"Betty II, who I adopted on September 25th, is now named Izzy (short for Isadora). She is a wonderful kitty and the first one I have ever had! She has been doing great and has been getting over her kitty cold. I took her to the vet and got her some medicine to help her get over the cold. She is the most active kitty I have ever met! She is OBSESSED with strings and shoelaces, it's quite entertaining and hilarious at the same time. She also loves to do what we call "hot laps" around the apartment. One minute she'll be playing with one of her balls, the next she is running up and down this little runway between the kitchen and the living room. Sometimes I catch her looking at herself in the mirror too! I swear she jumps up on my vanity just for that reason. She's a silly kitty that's for sure. I love that she comes running up to me when I shake her bag of treats and that she knows when it's bedtime and comes and sleeps at the foot of the bed. I think she's a mama's girl ;)  I really love her and love playing with her and spoiling her (and so does my boyfriend, TJ!). Thank you all so much. I am very very happy with her and I love coming home to her. You guys did a wonderful job finding the perfect cat for me. Here are a few pictures of her! Sincerely,"

~ Caitlin S. - October, 2012


"So, I put the paper down next to Caspurr to go warm my coffee. And when I returned I noticed shreds of paper lying next too Caspurr's mouth. He decided to design a heart for me. I didnt realize when I adopted him that I would have such a talented artist in the family. lol He really is a doll and a joy too have. I have only had one other cat in my life that constantly wants attention like he does. He knows that he has no problem getting it too. =) Have a good day,"

~ Sara - October, 2012


"Stuart and his new best friend, my 10 year old son Cole. It was love at first sight :)"

~ Catherine - October, 2012



"This little girl has been bouncing off everything. She is definitely growing in leaps and bounds. 3 lbs 3ozs she eats everything in sight. I have attached some pix. She's the best thing in our lives. By the way Papa named her Peanut. Thanks"

~ Donna L. - October, 2012


"Hello, Thank you for your follow-up call. Jasper & Astro are doing very well. The integration was seamless and they get along great. Astro is very playful but Jasper is very tolerant & plays as well. Astro loves to sleep on our laps. Jasper is extremely mellow & gentle. He loves to be brushed & scratched under his chin. We are very happy to have them in our home."

~ Miriam & Paul B. - October, 2012



"Oliver is a wonderful cat, and we think he's settling in really well :o)  (Though right now he has a chipmunk cornered under the upright piano! - we still can't quite figure out how he got into the house…)
Anyway, I took Oliver yesterday for his first visit to our vet, and he appears to be doing just fine - lots of leftover ear mite gunk in his ears, but she cleaned that out and we'll give him a vinegar/water/cotton-ball treatment in a week.  He gets along Very well with our dog, and has from the start - they sleep next to each other a lot, and he is just a total sweetie to her.  (She's a little nervous/jealous around him, but she's settling down too.)  Bottom line, all is well, and we absolutely love him.  Thank you again for helping us find Oliver, and for all the good work that you and the others at HART do. I hope these photos and this msg. come through OK - here goes! Thanks again"

~ Andrea G. - October, 2012


"Hello! We recently adopted a wonderful 10 week old kitten (formerly Mason, now named Percy .... short for Percival Baxter, the former Governor of Maine and life long animal lover!).We are so in love with him and even our older kitty is loving on him, he grooms him all the time. They are very playful and have adjusted to each other well. Thank you!"

~ Scott and Eliza M. - June, 2011                                                                                                                                                                                               

"Thank you for such a great experience adopting my cats.  Everyone was so kind, helpful and gave me plenty of information regarding all the cats.  I was also impressed that I was given alot of "alone time" with the cats while I made my decision to adopt 2 FIV cats.  Yes 3 is good but I think I made the right choice starting with adopting 2! Ash is a great little guy who is the one who plucks the rug and jumps on the counters.  He is full of energy but loves to look out the window.  He just loves to sit up high, as he did in the FIV room, so I've got a nice set-up for him by a window.  He is a sweet boy. Gatsby is an absolute sweetheart.  He is very, very friendly and while he loves to snooze he loves to chase balls.  He sits and watches Ash be naughty (jumping on counters).  It's quite funny. Both cats are unbelieveable loves!  They sleep with me every night. Most importantly they get along with each other and seem quite content in their castle!

I was so lucky with the cats I chose, as we are all suited for each other. Thank you. And thank you, again.  I love my cats. Sincerely,"

~ Susan P. (Ash, Gatsby) - October, 2010

jack & tinkerbell"Tim and I cannot believe our good fortune in discovering Jack and Tinkerbell two days ago at HART!  We are in seventh heaven and we think the cats are too.  First off, we are completely mystified as to why Jack was not adopted before now!  When we got him home, he came right out of the carrier and started showering us with love.  He is the sweetest, most affectionate, most lovable animal.  He is already sleeping pressed up against me in bed and rolling on his back for rubs.  We feel like he is saying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me a home!" As for Tinkerbell, she did spend the first few hours hiding, but by nighttime, she woke us up by jumping up on the bed for petting, love nips, head-butts, and purring! Both cats are eating, drinking, and using the litter box--so far so good in that respect.  Best of all, there has been very little aggression between them--all we've seen is Tinkerbell hissing at Jack and batting at him (without even making contact) if he gets too close, and that only twice.  And on the other hand, today I found them sleeping under our bed within inches of each other, and I've also attached a photo of them together on our bed from this evening.

I looked at your website tonight and felt very happy when I saw both Jack and Tinkerbell marked "adopted"!  I thought to myself, "That's me!  I'm the lucky new mommy!"  I have to say, the hardest part of our visit to HART was not taking more cats home with us.  They were all delightful in their own ways!   Thank you so much for helping us to find these two beautiful animals!  Best wishes,"

~ Erika & Tim B.(Jack, Tinkerbell) - September, 2010

"Hello HART Family!  I wanted to take a minute to thank your entire team for dedication and love for finding these deserving cats wonderful homes.  I have adopted from HART twice now and always reccommend you when I know someone may be looking to add someone special to their family.  I have had Rye, a large orange and white love bug, for two years now and I just adopted Pheobe (originally Ashley), a very small, dark, long-haried tortie, in March.  She is probably one of the most affectionate cats I have ever met!  They are wonderful together!  It took some time for Rye to get used to another kitty, but they play together all the time now!   We love them both and I wish we had the space to adopt more!  Your team has always been very helpful and even offered wonderful vet references when I adopted Rye.   Thank you so much for your efforts and for helping me find two wonderful cats who needed a good, safe home!"

~ Heather (Rye, Ashley) - August, 2010

"I just wanted to send you an update on our new bundle of fluffy joy, Seymour. We have had him for 24 days and I already cannot imagine life without this beautiful, little fellow. He is everything you said he was plus more. It's like he was hand picked just for me! He is healthy, happy, very affectionate and has bonded with me really well. Both of our other cats now play with him but there never was one fight or squabble with them. He is sociable with all company and he is so funny. His antics have us in stitches constantly. Thank you very much for our wonderful new kitten. We love him so much. Feel free to post this letter on the web site so other people will know how wonderful it is to get their new kitty from you!
 Love and many thanks,"

~ Sue L. (Seymour) - March, 2010

"Hi all at HART of Maine,   I just wanted to write to you about my successful adoption of the most adorable kitten from your organization.  I adopted a cat that was in a foster home in Portland. Debbie K. was Georgie's first "mother" and I have nothing but praise for the way she raised him. Georgie is the best thing that has happened to our household in a very long time. We just love him to death.  Not only is he the nicest kitten we have ever had but the biggest love bug you could imagine.  I sometimes think that he was put on this earth just for me!  The only regret I have is that I was too late to adopt one of his siblings.  2 cats like Georgie would have been twice as nice.  Georgie adjusted to us right away.  He loves the attention he gets and if we don't pay enough attention to him he will let us know.  His favorite perch is on my keyboard and in a bowl I use to keep fruit in that has now become "his bowl".  He goes most everywhere with us as he loves a car ride.  I just can't thank Debbie enough for allowing us to adopt Georgie.  I want her to know that Georgie is so loved by my entire family.  I hope other cats and kittens at your shelter will have the chance to find homes.  I just can't imagine life without our little guy and I know the happiness he has brought to our lives is all because of people like you. Sincerely,"

~ Debra and Ned  M. (Georgie) - January, 2010

mystic jewel"We cannot thank you enough for helping us to adopt Mystic Jewel.  She is the most wonderful cat!  We love her – and she is just so comfortable in our home.  I have attached a couple of photos of her – she loves to be brushed and Mom loves to brush her.  She sat right at the dinner table, and fell asleep at the Christmas tree.  She sits with my father while he is at the computer, and she sleeps with Mom and Dad.  She is just a jewel!  THANK YOU.  WE are delighted and I think she is too."

~ Kasey C. (Mystic Jewel) - December, 2009



"It has now been a little over two weeks since I adopted 'the boys', so I thought I'd give you an update.   Filipe and Buddy have become great friends. They sleep together in a window and follow each other quite a bit. I think they give each other courage. The two of them have ventured upstairs into the main house and have learned that if they don't run from the dogs, the dogs won't chase them.   Filipe's favorite place is the very top of my kitchen cabinets. I have cleared a place for him because before I did that, he was squeezing himself into a basket that was way too small. He did have one mishap, however, that resulted in me having to buy a new shower curtain rod. Apparently the one I had was not strong enough to hold his weight when he tried to climb the curtain. Oh well...now I have a shiny new curtain rod.   Buddy is the king of the water...he plays in every bowl, sink, tub, etc. that he can find. As a matter of fact, it is a rule now to check the toilet seat before sitting or you may get wet. He also thinks he's very helpful when I'm working on my computer. Luckily he and Filipe are chasing each other around and around, so I can actually type now.   Smokey sneaks upstairs after everyone has gone to bed, but has not come up to visit yet during the day or early evening. Since he hides in the basement more than the other two, I go down and visit with him. We have watched movies together -- he does watch the TV. He is the 'night owl' of the bunch. Filipe and Buddy are the 'morning cats'.   Miranda has actually not been too bad with the additions. She growls, but very softly and she has gotten close enough to smell bums. Filipe couldn't care less about her and her moods. Buddy is a little intimidated and, as far as I know, she and Smokey have not crossed paths yet. My 18-year-old cat is eating better than he has in quite a while. Guess he didn't like to eat alone before. He spends quite a bit of time with the boys and likes that I purchased several new toys. It makes me so happy to see him playing again.   All in all, 'the boys' are a great addition. I must be the luckiest adopter on record. All three are extremely affectionate -- Filipe the most with his massages, great lap cats, good cuddlers and quite entertaining.   Thanks again for matching us up."

~ Ellen C. (Filipe, Smokey, Buddy) - December, 2009

"Just wanted to send a picture I took of Giorgio.  He is the greatest cat ever!!! He is so adorable in so many ways and has really settled in nicely in his new home!!! As you can see, his fur has really grown in since I adopted him.  Remember you had to shave him because he was so matted??  I have to say he is the most energetic cat I have ever had. He wakes me up every morning because he is so anxious for me to lift up the mini blinds and curtains from the window so he can stare at the huge tree in my yard..... which has many visitors!!!!!  His favorites are the squirrels. If they move to another tree, he moves to another window, it's as if he is outside with them, it's so hilarious to watch!! This goes on all morning!!! And he runs so fast from one end of the house to another it's a bit psycho...I think he has ADHD!!! Ha! He does eventually slow down, talks a lot, rolls over a ton to have his belly and back of head scratched, and he has become very affectionate with me .....and only me!!  Thank you for all you do. Happy Holidays to all of you."

~ Gayle D. (Giorgio) - December, 2009

woodiewoodie & rose"I wanted to wish you and all of your wonderful coworkers a very happy Thanksgiving!  Our adoption of Ben, now named Woodie, has been a smashing success. Within days of coming to our house he was accepted by our two older cats. They love each other and play like crazy. I've attached a few photos so you can see them in action, or inaction, as the case may be.  Thanks again for all you do!"

~ Holly H. (Ben) - November, 2009


Giorgio"Just wanted to send a picture I took of Giorgio.  He is the greatest cat ever!!! He is so adorable in so many ways and has really settled in nicely in his new home!!! As you can see, his fur has really grown in since I adopted him.  Remember you had to shave him because he was so matted??  I have to say he is the most energetic cat I have ever had.  He wakes me up every morning because he is so anxious for me to lift up the mini blinds and curtains from the window so he can stare at the huge tree in my yard….. which has many visitors!!!!!  His favorites are the squirrels. If they move to another tree, he moves to another window, it’s as if he is outside with them, it’s so hilarious to watch!! This goes on all morning!!! And he runs so fast from one end of the house to another it’s a bit psycho…I think he has ADHD!!! Ha! He does eventually slow down, talks a lot, rolls over a ton to have his belly and back of head scratched, and he has become very affectionate with me …..and only me!!  Hides when others come around. Hopefully he will adjust to visitors some day. Well I do hope you are all doing well at HART.  I was excited to hear from you recently and how well the Litter Box Ball brought in $22,000!!!! Thank god for cat lovers!!! Thank you for all you do. Happy Holidays to all of you."


~ Gayle D. (Giorgio) - November, 2009

tom bear

"I just wanted to let you know that Tom Bear seems to have regained his appetite and is settling in fine.  He’s enjoying time on the sofa and exploring the house.  Here is a photo."

~ Christina C. (Tom Bear) - November, 2009


"Just reporting on the 3 amigos- Dot, Shelley, and Tucker. Tucker is the biggest boy- he follows Don around, to the bedroom, computer room, etc. He has decreased the amount of biting when he was tired of being petted, or petted the “wrong way”. Does it rarely now. He thinks every door should open when he looks at it. Dot has blossomed after a month- I can’t get rid of her- she follows me around, “talks” quite a bit- has become a lap kitty(as has Tucker). Dot chases our ladybugs quite a bit. Shelley is still shy- we can touch and pet, but not pick her up- she has really progressed the last week or so. We kept them in the laundry room separate for 3 or 4 weeks as they were strange and did not allow us to pet or get too close. It was hard to be patient, but it paid off- they are a pleasure. Thank you for all you do."

~ Pat and Don G. (Dot, Shelley, & Tucker) - November, 2009

"Shalimar is doing awesome!!  There was no 'getting acquainted' stage with Shalimar (now Rocky).  He walked right in like he had been with us forever!  Usually cats hide under the bed, but not Rocky....he was sitting on the couch first thing, looking around getting to know his surroundings, even opening up cupboards.  He is quite the talker too.  He just loves Brady, sleeps with him at night, follows him around, Brady said Rocky even gives him kisses.  It's great to see especially after our dear Attica left us so soon.  We couldn't be happier and he is the perfect fit for our family.  He even doesn't mind our dog Ladybug.  When she is sleeping he goes up and sniffs her feet.  It's funny to watch.  I want to thank you for all the time and attention you took with us in trying to find our new family member.  We actually went back Saturday to drop the cage off and Brady wanted to take his grammy there.  I think she will probably be back after she gets back from vacation to adopt a cat!  Brady even asked on Saturday if he could be a volunteer!!  Of course he was told he has to be 16 without a parent, but when he was showing my mom the cats he was naming them all off.  The woman that was with us was quite impressed he could remember so many of the cats name upon one visit.  That is quite the establishment you have there, keep up the good work for our little furry friends who don't have a voice for themselves!!"

~ Shannon B. (Shalimar) - September, 2009

"Thank you so much for your patience Friday while I spent 3 hours going from room to room, getting to know the cats.  I was looking for a mature, short-hair, female to be a companion to my 5-year-old friendly male cat.  I finally chose Hope, and my spouse (Linda) and I could not be more delighted with her.  After spending overnight in our guest room with a screen in place so that Hope and Little Guy could chat a bit, we opened up the room to let them get to know each other better. It was as if they had already been friends, and she was just returning from a trip.  She explores, and he follows her around.  When she gets tired and wants to rest, he rests with her.  It could not be more amazingly perfect than this.  Also, she is a glutton for petting, and we give her plenty of it.  Now she's brimming with confidence and scampers up and down the stairs chasing or being chased by Little Guy. This is one of those situations that worked out better than anyone could even hope for.  They spend a lot of time together and really seem to enjoy each other's company. When they are wandering around separately they'll typically pause to touch noses as they pass each other. Never a single moment of strife. Thanks so much!"

~ Earl S. (Hope) - August, 2009

"Hello to all, Just wanted to send an update on Tigger. Since Monday of this week, he has been roaming the house and ripping it up! LOL... We love him. Our other kitties are a bit shocked, didnt see it coming. He is still much the kitten as he races and jumps and flips all over the place. He plays with us very nicely, never using one claw! Sweet boy. AND he likes our dog! HURRAY!  SOOOO we love him and are keeping him for ever and ever. THANK YOU again for letting us bring him home. He is a keeper!"

~ Abby E. (Tigger) - August, 2009

"Hi there HART friends, Emily's been with us since May 22 and we've enjoyed every minute of it. She adjusted to our home and our Corgi, Pablo very quickly and has not had a single accident of any kind. You knew we were new to cats, so it probably won't surprise you to learn that it took us these three weeks to realize that she'd been declawed! You never mentioned it, and none of her paperwork indicates it, so I purchased a tall scratching post. We wondered for weeks why she was indifferent to it and then yesterday I had her paw in hand and decided to look closely at those famous claws - none to be found! Whoever returned her must have had her declawed before they did, poor kitty. Regardless, she remains a very confident cat who can leap to any height and would love to get exploring outdoors. We're making life plenty interesting inside and keeping a squirt bottle near the door to encourage her inside interests. 'Typing' by sauntering across the laptop keyboard, 'helping' me do yoga, birdwatching and purring loudly are among her favorite pastimes. I'm not quite sure how we did without her. Thanks for making this possible for us."

~ Denise and Mary-Elizabeth S. (Emily) - June, 2009

"To the wonderful staff and volunteers I met this past Saturday at HART, I am so happy to tell you that I had such a great experience working with Sharon and everyone else who helped me find two beautiful girls. Calamity Jane (new name: Lilly) and Katarina (new name: Rosie) I am happy to report that they are getting along and adjusting well in their new home here in South Portland. Here are some new photos of them. On the first night, they both slept with me on the bed. I was thrilled! I look forward to volunteering and working with HART in whatever capacity I can. I was very impressed with the facility and the kindness that is directed toward all those beautiful cats."


~ Jayme P. (Calamity Jane & Katarina) - May, 2009

"I'm pasting my March 28th email below.   When I wrote it, my two cats were still getting acquainted.  As you know, they are now wonderful friends and playmates!  Last night I woke up in the middle of the night, aware that one of my kitties was nestled by my waist.  When I reached down to pet her, I discovered TWO kitties!  They were curled up together right next to me.  I absolutely adore my two cats!!! Thanks again for helping us find Willa (Mary)."

~ Merry K. (Mary) - April, 2009

"Here are some photos of my newly adopted kitty, Willa!  I've only had her one week, but the transformation has been amazing.  The first night I had her, she was so scared and shy that it seemed she wanted to just shrink away to nothingness (although when I would pet her, her purring machine was going so strong I thought she might hyperventilate!).  Over the next few days she went from ignoring the feather toy to playing with her total body, including backward leaps in the air:-)  Friday night I opened the bedroom door (where she's been staying) and introduced her to Tessa, the HART kitty I got two years ago.  Tessa has been growling and hissing, but so far no physical contact except for a few swats.  I'm hopeful that they will become best buddies!  Amazingly, while Willa didn't do a Baja maneuver and slap Tessa in the face, she hasn't been totally submissive, either.  She runs, but will often continue playing with the feather toy (and purring!) while Tessa sits a few feet away, growling.  I think she's going to be a spunky little thing:-)  I wonder if she was just starved for love and affection!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for mentioning her as a possibility.  I am totally in love with both my HART kitties and can't imagine what my home would be like without them!"

~ Merry K. (Mary) - March, 2009


"Here are a few photos showing how happily Cole has settled in with us.  He is such a little sweetheart, and he just wants to be close to us.  He loves being held, he insists on sitting in our laps, he sleeps on my bed at night, and he 'talks' to us all the time.  He is just so happy to have the attention and contact, and we absolutely love him."

~ Gail (Cole) - April, 2009



"Meow to all my friends at Hart. I want to tell you about my new family.  They love me so much.  I am a pampered pet here.  I have a new little fur brother.  He has been very patient with me and even shares his food and catnip.  I know we are going to be good friends. There is also a dog here.  The humans tell me that he is a nice dog, but I dont know about that.  He wants to sniff me!  The humans say that if I let him do that he will leave me alone.  I am considering it as I have stopped hitting him in the face, and am trying to stop hissing and growling at him.  I must meow the fact that I have come a long way since last Saturday when I first saw him.  Maybe next week I will give him a chance, but I think I have scared him.  Now when he gets close, I usually just have to give him the look and he walks away. There is also another human that lives here.  He is only home sometimes, but when he is it is alot of fun.  I sneak into his room to explore.  I like to talk to him, and he thinks I am cool!   My humans who adopted me are spoiling me and I love it.  I spent 30 minutes getting brushed the other night.  It felt so good.  You should see my fur, it is nice and shiny and so smooth.  I am a handsome dude.  They open the door to let in the sunshine in the afternoon.  I just lay there and soak it all up with my new bro.  They have balls with bells in them here.  I thought it might be fun to play with them this morning.  It was 4 AM and I didnt even get in trouble. Well it is time for a nap.  I just wanted to let you know that I am happy here.  I purr all the time, well except when I have to show the dog there is a new boss in town!  Thank you for sending me to this nice family. Meow, Kramer"

~ Robin and David D. (Kramer) - April, 2009

"We just wanted to let you know Kramer is settling in nicely. After spending the afternoon under the bed, I coaxed him out Saturday night. He is not thrilled with the dog, but I expected that. Once he realizes the dog is harmless and just wants to lick him I am sure things will be ok. He roamed around the house last night after everyone went to bed. He has stopped hissing at our other cat, so I think we are making great progress today. They even sat next to each other looking out the window. We are having litter box issues, but as soon as the store opens I am going to get his own. Attached are some photos I just took. Please let the person who brought him in know that he is settling in nicely and has a loving home."

~ Robin and David D. (Kramer) - April, 2009

"Hello everyone, I wanted to let you know that Bruno Matteo (formerly Hummer) is doing great! From the minute I opened the door on the carrier he has been part of the family. Within an hour of bringing him home I found him nestled on my pillow. At first he seemed a bit irritated by his rambunctious little sister, Giada Zeta, but they have since grown to love each other. Bruno is such a sweet little man. He follows me wherever I am in the house and is constantly purring. I have never known a cat that loves to have his belly rubbed as much as him. Whether I am in bed or sitting on the couch he has to be next to me and rolls on his back and stares at me until I rub his belly. I am so happy that he found me. Both Giada and I love him very much! Here is a picture of Bruno and Giada resting on the couch together and also one of my handsome boy posing for the camera. Thank you so much for rescuing him. He is certainly living the life he should have had all along and he deserves it!!!"

~ Andrea R. (Hummer) - April, 2009

"Dear HART of Maine Staff, My husband and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for our newest family members. We came to see you as we began looking for a new addition to our family. We were so impressed with our time at your facility that we committed to adopting through you. The cleanliness of your facility made my husband, who has never been able to be in a cat shelter for more than moments, stay over an hour and a half- and want to keep coming back for more! We even stayed so long, my husband had one cat literally jump into his arms. We still talk about Oliver...

The first cat we adopted was Patek (formerly Phoenix) and he was one of the many cats/kittens from a large group in northern maine. He was extremely skittish and hid for the first few days we had him. He'd come out and see us when we'd go in his room but wasn't interested in much. Today, he is a completely different cat. Affectionate and friendly, he runs downstairs when we get home and meows until we pick him up, then the purring begins. It doesn't end either until we leave for work the next morning. He sleeps on my pillow purring into my ear all night. He and I have had to talk about personal space though since he is as close as he can get all night long. He has his moments tearing through the upstairs in what we call the 'kitty races' chasing imaginary mice and finally flopping, all pooped out, on the bed. He is a complete joy.

After adding Patek to our family we found we still had room for more kitty love which sent us back to you. You found Constantin (Kitty Man) who was the perfect compliment to our Patek. When we arrived at the shelter to meet him he had a confidence and a swagger about him and we couldn't wait to get him home. Once home though he was a different kitty and we were really worried about him. He hid and wouldn't let anyone pick him up or pet him. We were worried but gave him some space and the next thing you know, he's adjusted and he's the leader of the band. We love the name Constantin but Dickens may be more appropriate since he is full of the Dickens! We were downstairs watching TV one night and he came right downstairs. The dogs went to sniff him, he told them he wasn't ready for that and they backed off. Now he and our big dog have found they can pet each other and it's not unusual for us to come home at night and find the two of them pal-ing around. When we walk our dog, Constantin is waiting for him at the door to come back in. It's a wonderful relationship. Constantin has developed a love of the watches he is named after, often knocking them off counters and playing with them as if they were his toys. We have learned to be more vigilant in where we leave valuables! We couldn't be more pleased with Constantin as part of our family.

Thank you for your help in finding the right cats for us. You honored our wishes, didn't push upon us any cats that wouldn't fit with our lifestyle, and you were patient with our decision making. We are looking forward to a long and happy life with our little men. Thank you for your help."

~ Terrilyn, Corey, Penelope, Bella, Patek (Phoenix), and Constantin (Kitty Man) - April, 2009

"Shalousie moved right in like she has always lived here. She is eating well and sleeping everywhere and anywhere. She loves my son and stays in his room when he is here. She greets us in the morning and again when we come home. During the evening she goes back and forth between my lap and my husbands lap. She seems puuuuuurfectly content. I am sorry things did not work out with Daisy, and I hope she is doing well. We are very pleased with the new addition to our family. I have attached a couple of pictures for you. Thank you,"

~ Sally, Steve & Bob H. (Shalousie Jordan) - March, 2009

"I hope this email finds you and the HART folks doing well. Well, it's just coming up on the 2 month mark since we took the boys home and they are doing just great. We just love them SO much! Ernie is still pretty timid, but he has come a very long way. He's not quite seeking us out for attention just yet, but we can tell when he's ready for some pats and scratches. We'll keep working on him! I'm sure you wouldn't recognize him if you saw him now. Clint is definitely my little sweatheart. I just can't seem to give him enough kisses in a day. Atticus and Clint seem to have gotten over their jealousy issues and are happy to share me now. I've attached a couple of pics of Ernie and Clint. They were taken with my cellphone, so they aren't very good quality, but I thought you'd enjoy them. I also attached one of all three on the kitty tree. Again, I hope all is well!! I know kitten season is coming and you're sure to be plenty busy, but the dinner invitation is open ended if you and Laura ever find yourselves with a little extra time. Warm regards,"

~ Sandra M. (Clint, Pistachio & Pecan Sam) - March, 2009

"Dear HART, Thank you for the work you do. Thanks especially to Dani who took time on the phone and in person to help us connect with cats that would be happy to share our home. Lila and Duke are doing well. Lila came in with the knowledge that she owned the house. It took Duke a few days to accept that, but they are starting to get along better. They are both loving and playful with all of us. Duke has a cold but it is responding to treatment, I think he'll be just fine in a few more days. Lila has already allowed me to trim her nails. Here are a few pictures of Duke and Lila in their new home."

~ Cindy and Rich D. (Delilah & Tukey) - March, 2009


"Hello Everyone at H.A.R.T. I adopted Isabella on 3-12-09 and I couldn't be happier. She is a great cat, very sweet and lovey. She is playing with her toys and exploring her new home. Thank you."

~ Mary A. (Isabella) - March, 2009




"Hi there, I adopted Brandy, a female black cat, on 2/28/09. Just wanted to let you know that she is adjusting well and is already taking over the house. She is such a sweet cat and so loving. I saw in her paperwork that she had a rough start (with a healed broken pelvis) but now is in a happy, caring home. I've attached a couple of pictures of her taking over the sofa . I am very glad that she chose me to take her home. She follows me everywhere I go. She is one amazing little kitty and I'm absolutely crazy about her. Thanks for all your good work."

~ Nicole O (Brandy) - March, 2009


"We cannot thank you enough for allowing us to adopt Lucie.  We saw her on Saturday and absolutely fell in love with her and by Monday evening she
was in her new permanent home with us. Lucie is THE most lovable cat in the world.  Our friends told us to expect our new cat to hide out for days
before she was comfortable with us. Instead when we brought her home it was as though she had lived here forever.  She immediately made friends
with our Black Lab Piper. She has slept on our bed every night. She just loves to be around us.  We kept her in our Master bathroom the first day
we were at work but by the second day we felt totally comfortable giving her full access to all of the house. We cannot tell you
how perfect she is for us and how easy the transition has been. We especially would like to thank Dani for finding the perfect match for us.
Dani is a true professional and she knows and loves her cats.  Dani made the whole process easy and pleasurable.  You certainly have an excellent
employee on your hands. Thanks again."

~ David, Sabrina, Piper & Lucie S. (Luvey) - March, 2009

"Dear Hart, Jeremy and I just wanted to thank you for all your help adopting our cat Bumbee. We are having a lot of fun with him, and he is working out really well all around. Everyone at Hart was amazing and have really helped bring a special cat into our lives."

~ Katie B. (Bumbee) - March, 2009


"Just wanted to let you know that Beatrice has settled in very nicely. She is so lovable.  The kids really love her. She is loving to be cuddled and played with. I will keep you updated and send photos every now and then. Thank you for the wonderful kitty."

~ Elizabeth F. (Beatrice) - February, 2009

"Hi Everybody! We have now had the kitties for just over a week and we are loving them! They are so different in personality and so much fun to watch!  Mai Tai is crazy and playful and Mojito is soooo mellow.  They play well together and are very comfortable around all of our friends and our two nephews. Here are some pictures of them in their new home. Mai Tai was inthralled with a nature show that we watched last night - you'll see. Thank you again so much for our kitties!"

~ Vicky and Justice Y. (Mai Tai & Mojito) - February, 2009


"I'm sending along some pictures of our beautiful new baby. He is so sweet.  Patrick is starting to come out of his shell and  he is getting along fine here.  Our 1st night he came out of the spare room and checked out his new home.  He surprised us by cuddling on the bed with us.  He now is sleeping in our room at night.  Maya is still a little scary to him but he has let her pet him.  She make noises I'm sure he is not use to but I'm happy that he's not scratching or hissing at her to get away.  That is definitely a great sign.  I have to say that I feel that Patrick had a wonderful and very loved life at his former mom's home.  Patrick is very sociable and sweet.  There is not a mean bone in his body.  Even though he is a little unsure sometimes he has never experienced anything to make him skiddish or so scared to lash out at anyone.  I know that her loss is our gain.  So thank her and we wish her well.  Please let her know that he has a wonderful new home and is very loved and respected.  He is able to have his space and gets lots of love too! Thanks to the HART shelter for making a fantastic match.  We love Patrick and look forward to him being completely at home here very soon!  Thanks again."

~ Lucille, Tom & Maya R. (Patrick) - February, 2009 

"Marianne and I wanted to update you on how the cats are doing. First of all, let me say all three of these cats are the sweetest, most affectionate cats.  We brought them home and Boots immediately came out, roamed around the house and declared herself 'queen bee'.  She was immediately comfortable.  Sneakers came out a short time later and with a little coaxing stayed out and hung out with us.  I was amazed!  They both were all over us for kisses and hugs.   Michael was predictably scared to death!  He ran to the basement and squished himself under a shelf.  We kept going down off and on, speaking to him and encouraging him.  I thought he would be down there for days.  Around midnight I woke up to a kitty vocalizing quite heartily and it was Michael.  He even came up on the bed!  He has stayed upstairs since then and is getting more and more comfortable ever day.  He comes up on the beds and snuggles and purrs and we couldn't be happier.  He roams the house at night but is still a bit hesitant to come down during the day.  But he gets more comfortable every day.  The cats are doing well with each other.  The girls are still getting use to Michael who just adores both of them.  However he isn't very good with boundaries and gets right up in their faces for kisses.  Boots is good with him and Sneakers is getting better.  A few hisses and low growls is all.  It doesn't deter him or scare him, he still wants to be with them!  All three of them will come up on the beds for kisses at the sames time.  Thank you again for all your help and thank you for recommending these wonderful cats.  We will keep you updated from time to time and let you know how they are doing.   Take good care."

~ Linda L. (Boots, Sneakers, Michael) - February, 2009

"Happy Valentine's Day to Team H.A.R.T.! I thought I'd share a picture of our special valentine, Mishie. In one of her 'are you done yet?' poses, the colorful patch on her side seemed to form a big heart in the middle of a white chest. How fitting. It took a lot of heart to see the beautiful soul behind the shuttered, ill eyes. It took a lot of heart to listen to the purr of hope and hear a fighter. It took a lot of heart to nurse her back to health... and then let her go. Thank you, Team H.A.R.T., for our very special valentine, Mishie!"

~ Dawn S. (Mishie) - February, 2009

"I just have to write and thank you again for my wonderful Halley (Lily) cat.  I am so in love with her and she with me.  We are together all the time.  She wakes me with a kiss and I kiss her back and tell her I love her.  She follows me all over. purring all the time.  I didn't know how lonely I was until she came to fill my days and nights.  I have told everyone about your rescue and my vet has your card if anyone wants to adopt a cat they know where to go.  All my friends who have old cats say they know where they are going if a new cat is in their future.  Thank you soooo much for my beautiful, loving, fun kitty."

~ Dot T. (Halley) - March, 2009

"Just a note about Halley.  I picked her up on Thursday afternoon.  I am in love!.  She is just wonderful.  We came home and she checked the house always checking to see where I was. By evening she was with me everywhere I went.  After we had dinner she sat with me while I read a book and when I said bedtime she was with me up the stairs and jumped into bed with me sleeping at the foot all night.  In the morning she sat on my head and purred.  She seems so happy to have a home and I am over the moon about her. I tell her all the time how much I love her.  I had to go to work on Friday morning and I missed her so much I could not wait to come home and again a wonderful evening and night.  She talks to me all the time and is with me every minute I am home.  Thank you so much for being such a wonderful place for kitties.  I wish you much luck and love in your wonderful work. Thank you again."

~ Dot T. (Halley) - February, 2009

"Introducing our new addition to the family . . . we know you are going to love him just as much as we do!! Enjoy the pics and we can't wait for you to come meet him! This was his first night home, he was a little nervous and slept underneath my pillows!! It was the sweetest. I am in love already:)"

~ Jen M. (RB) - January, 2009


"Hi everyone at HART, I miss all you very nice people, but I am so busy I haven't had a chance to write. My day is very full. I get up around 5:30 each morning and have a very nice breakfast with my new brother Gene Autry. (He is really nice).   After breakfast, I play for a little while, but then I take a little nap with Gene on the couch in the living room.  The very nice people I live with (Barbara and Jay) have a sunroom on the house and I spend a lot of time looking out at all the bird feeders in the back yard. There are so many birds!! They're lucky I'm inside!! Meeeow!  Jay (he likes me to call him 'The Master'...but we really know who is in charge) is home most of the day, so we play a lot with stuffed mice and balls and all sorts of neat toys. I get worn out! So, it's time for another nap.  Around 5:00 in the afternoon Gene and I get treats in the kitchen! Yum! I REALLY like to eat..but, hey, I'm a growing kitten. Barbara comes home later and we get a chance to play some more and do a lot of cuddling. Sometimes, Barbara lets me help her when she's working on her computer. I'm enclosing a photo of me helping her staple some papers. I've also been taking a 'home study' course out of a CATalog...learning to hypnotize people.  LOOK INTO MY EYES!  Cute photo, huh?  A lot of my play time during the day is with my brother Gene. We run around and climb up and down on the Cat Condo. I don't know why they call it that! I took a photo of Gene on the top of the condo. He's REALLY King of the Hill! I like him a lot and follow him everywhere. Isn't he the most handsome guy you've ever seen?   We go to bed when Jay and Barbara do, along with fresh water and our snacks for overnight. Yum again! I get hungry at night.  Anyway....I just wanted to let you know that I'm having a great time and glad I got a chance to meet everyone at HART, because you gave me a chance to find my Forever Home. Thank you. Love, Hazelnut"

~ Jay C. (Hazelnut) - February, 2009

"Dear everyone at HART of Maine... Hello, my dear friends. I really like it here at my new forever home in Standish.  Jay and Barbara play with me, and tickle my chin, and feed me some very yummy food (and a couple 'snacks' now and then).  I especially like my new adopted 'brother' whose name is Gene Autry... just like the cowboy!  He lets me sleep on HIS couch (HE gets the fluffy blanket because he's older).  See me on the couch?  But, Gene DOES let me play with his squeaky toy mouse.  I miss all my friends at HART, but I know I'm going to be very, very happy here at my new home with my new adopted parents and brother.  I will never forget you and I hope that you will remember me too.  Love, Hazel"

~ Jay C. (Hazelnut) - January, 2009

"I know that you are probably wondering how Sam is doing.... At first, he hid under furniture any time we (humans) came around.   Then he got to where he'd stay put - unless we got too close, then he'd run & hide.  Now he stays put pretty much all of the time - even when we are quite close.  Last night he got in bed with my daughter and slept on her legs for several hours.... she woke up with Sam sitting on her chest looking her right in the face!  He & Bear are two peas in a pod.  They go everywhere together.... where one is, the other is only a few feet away.  They sleep in the same pet bed and have been seen head-butting each other affectionately.

So far, Sam is not comfortable if any of us try to touch/pet him, but I'm sure that will come with time.   He's such an incredibly beautiful cat.  And he's been so good for Bear, who is definitely much happier now that he has a companion all day.  Bear has stopped tearing out his fur, purrs a lot, and is much more relaxed than he's been in months.   Thank you, for allowing Sam into our home.  We LOVE him."

~ Suzy G. (Sam) - January, 2009

"Hello HART staff, I am Annabelle reporting in after being adopted two weeks ago with my friend Lexi, we have a forever home with Gladys (Mom) and Gail, Lexi loves to spend her time with Gail and I REALLY like to help Mom knit and sing her songs. We have to get up at 5:30 in the morning so Gail can get ready for day program, (that is meds time for me) I get yummy pockets for my pills, Mom thinks she has fooled me into taking my pills so I let her think she is in control. On week ends we sleep in for a little longer. we really like having someone with us all the time (Mom is retired), sometimes we help her cook or sweep floors. we will send pictures soon. we have a lovely sliding glass door to sit in front of and oversee the wild life feeding. we try to talk with them but they are too busy eating. we have nice soft beds, chairs or rugs to choose from for naps. We have had a lot of company too, everyone thinks we are special, the best thing that ever happened for Mom and Gail. so I will sign off for now, hugs and kisses and lots of purrrrs for us to you , Annabelle and Lexi. P.S. we are taking real good care of our people."

~ Gladys B. (Annabelle & Lexi) - January, 2009

"My name is Tammy and my husband and I addopted Della and Dinah on 12/13/08. They were brought to the kennel shop at mill Creek with 3 other kittens. I just wanted to give you an update. They are BEAUTIFUL!! The two of them fit right into our family. Our lab mix is 3 years old and he loves them too. The kittens will come up to him and rub on him. They all 3 sleep together! Della and Dinah have an upper resp infection and are on antibiotics. They don't seem to mind taking the medication. They play all the time and are getting big. Thank you so much for them. Our Family is complete!

PS: Would you please let Melba know how they are doing. She cried when we told her that we are taking both of them. She thought that was great!"

~ Tammy F. (Della & Dinah) - January, 2009

"I thought you'd like some pictures of our babies!! Maddie and Lou are doing great, the first day was a little tense, Maddie enjoyed her space and didn't know what to think of Lou, now they roll and play together all over the place! Thanks for everything!"

~ Alora C. (Maddie & Lou) - January, 2009

"Dear HART, I am writing to wish you all happy holidays and to thank you for all that you do because without your help I would not have a cat. Sweet Pea is the sweetest cat ever. When ever I walk up to her she bends down so I can kiss her on the head. Thanks again."

~ Elly P. (Sweet Pea) - December, 2008

"Kitty Man and I are *great*!!  His personality is SOOOO different from how he was when I first met him--He's extraordinarily affectionate, gentle, sweet....and SOOO playful!  He's so much fun and a great companion.  And I swear I've never seen a cat so happy!  He seems to like it here quite well.  He has a new 'kitty condo' to climb on, several toys to chase around, and he loves my big bed.  Always smiling   :) 

I think I have the makings for a new VISA card commercial:
    - cost of a new kitty condo at PETCO:  $40
    - cat litter, a new litter box, and cat carrier:   $70
    - price to adopt a new friend from the Homeless Animal Rescue Team of Cumberland Maine:  $75
    - The unconditional love from a once-abandoned cat, and the happiness it brings me to adopt him:  PRICELESS."    

~ Eva C. (Kitty Man) - December, 2008

"I just wanted to let you know that Valentine (a.k.a. 'Minnie' as in Mouse!) has been an absolute joy since we adopted her from the Northgate open house on 12/20.  We love her spirit, and her willingness to mix having fun and cuddling.  She really is all that we'd hoped for and more!"

~ Melinda G. (Valentine) - December, 2008

"I wanted to email you and tell you how happy and peaceful Nora is.  She is beautiful!  She is lively and really just getting to the point of trusting me and her environment... she now sits on my lap and she has a great independent personality.  She is quite scared of her own shadow, as is my other cat, Peanut.... and they are still trying to figure out how to get along... they mostly avoid one another.... but Peanut really wants to play with Nora.... Nora is not quite that trusting with Peanut yet..... but they hang downstairs together... never too close.... really, they are two peas in a pod. I am so happy I brought her home... she is beautiful.... small and dainty.... and her fur is gorgeous and healthy... she has her own funny and wonderful personality and I really hope that she and Peanut will eventually become best buddies... and I think they will. I will send a picture of her soon. Thanks."

~ Dominique K. (Nora) - October, 2008

"I just wanted to drop a line about the cat I adopted from HART in October. I took home Moon Pie (now named Mica) and he is a very happy, healthy cat. He is loved by all.  Attached is a photo of him. He is the most endearing kitty and gets along very well with my other cat. He has brought so much joy into our home. Please tell Amy that Moon Pie sends his love. Thank you all for all the love and care you give these dear animals. Have a wonderful holiday season."

~ Patricia B. (Moon Pie) - October, 2008

"I just wanted to let you know that Sammy settled in (spread eagle on the carpet) within 30 minutes of his arrival and is a perfect fit for our family. Our daughter loves him and he has no issues with being poked, prodded, and petted by a young child. This morning he let her rock him in the rocking chair he'd been napping on. A truly tolerant fellow, as well as a purring machine. He got his vet check up and rabies [distemper] shot this afternoon, so all's well in the health department. Many thanks for the furry friend and best wishes."

~ Beth C. (Sammy) - July, 2008