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adopt a pair of cats/kittens and save!

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Adopt a Cat

If you want to welcome a lifelong companion into your home, call the shelter (207-829-4116) to make an appointment to visit and find the one that is right for you.  All of our cats are tested for feline leukemia (FELV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), are current on their rabies and distemper vaccinations and are spayed/neutered prior to going to their new home.  HART's adoption fee is as follows: $125 for Kittens up to 6 months of age; $75 for Kittens over 6 months and Adults up to 10 years of age; $50 for Adults over 10 years of age and Special Needs Adults. 

Click here for our adoption application, then fax (207-772-6177) or mail (see application for address) your completed application to us.  If you prefer to email your application, click here for an adoption application in Microsoft Word format.  After entering your information, save the document and attach it in an email to info@hartofme.com.

Please note that HART maintains a strict indoor-only policy for all adoptions. Read this informative article.

Sponsor a Cat

HART accepts sponsorship for any of our over 100 shelter residents for as little as $15.00 a month. This is a great opportunity to support the shelter and have a direct impact on the life of a kitty of your choice. Please click the following link for more information: HART's Sponsorship Program


Special Cats Seeking Special Owners!

At HART, we consider all of our cats to be "special", but the cats on this page need special owners.  Some of these cats require medication, others would prefer a home without children or other pets and still others need an owner with extra patience as they adjust to their new home.  All of these cats need someone who can see their potential as loyal, loving companions despite the little extra care they might require.  Are you one of the exceptional people who can find a place in their hearts and homes for one of these cats?  If so, contact the shelter (207-829-4116; email: info@hartofme.com) to make an appointment to visit or stop in to our open house on Wednesdays1:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m. and Saturdays between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Medical considerations...

Each cat listed in this section has a medical condition such as diabetes, kidney issues, limb impairments, blindness, or other diagnosis. All are in good health and, with proper care, have positive prognosis for a full life. HART is committed to educating prospective owners about these conditions and the care they require. Please don't overlook these deserving kitties - you'll be surprised to learn just how normal they are and how minimal their care can be!

Here are a few Feline Diabetes resources...

Julia- Seniort female

Miss Julia is a sweet, declawed, gracious old lady. She was surrendered to us because she was in danger of euthanasia - her owner went into a nursing home and the family did not want to care for her anymore. She didn’t love shelter life at first, but she’s slowly adjusted and seems to get along okay with other cats, though she would prefer a less active household. She needs a low-carb diet (we use canned Fancy Feast) and as of this fall, she no longer requires insulin! Julia is looking for a quieter retirement home – won’t you consider letting her into your life, and your lap?

    Adoption fees waived on all of our diabetic cats!

Clarence James (CJ)-Senior male

CJ's owners asked the vet to euthanize him because they could not manage his diabetes. The vet asked HART if we could help, and of course we said yes. CJ is a friendly orange and white boy who doesn't really like living with other cats. He would appreciate a new home where he could rule as top (and only) feline. CJ requires a small dose of insulin twice a day, and he loves his Fancy Feast diet. CJ is a candidate for becoming diet controlled and no longer needing insulin if he could live in a less stressful environment - living with other cats is causing him considerable stress. Would you be able to open your home to this sweet boy?

  Adoption fees waived on all of our diabetic cats!

Jackie- Senior female

Jackie fancies herself the prettiest of our diabetic cats - and no one disagrees! This Siamese mix has gorgeous blue eyes that will leave you melting, and an adorable meow to let you know when she wants attention! Jackie came to HART in October 2013 because her owner was not home enough to care for Jackie after her diabetes diagnosis. Jackie is doing very well on our low carb diet, but she is on a small dose of insulin still. She has adjusted very well to life in our diabetic room, and gets along with all the other cats. In fact, she’s a bit of a flirt and seems to have developed a crush on Shark - she’s been caught kissing him on multiple occasions! She would do well in a home with other cats, but would also be fine solo - as long as she gets to be treated like the princess she is!

     Adoption fees waived on all of our diabetic cats!

Spaz- Senior male  Seeking a Hospice Foster

Spaz is an awesome boy who came to HART in May 2014. His owner was in failing health and could not longer care for his beloved cats. Spaz arrived with a younger girl cat, but they were not bonded. Spaz loves people and he will happily spend all day accompanying you around the house as you do chores, and then sit and rest a while. Spaz has a good appetite, and his absolutely favorite treat is cooked chicken - when a volunteer brings in chicken, he ever so casually tries to help himself to the stash in her bag!
Spaz started looking a bit thin and unwell in the fall. He was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), but he didn't really perk up after we started addressing that issues. He had more work up, unfortunately our vet found a liver mass. We have been watching the mass with ultrasounds, and he will have another one soon. If the mass has grown more, we will plan our next steps with our vet.
Spaz needs oral medications twice a day and gets subcutaneous fluids as needed. You do not need any prior medical training to care for a cat like Spaz - our medical volunteers are happy to train you, and it really is a simple process once you've done it a few times. Nothing would make Spaz (or the volunteers) happier than to see our boy settled in a hospice foster home where he can get lots of love and attention. He really does not care for his roommates at the shelter, so we would prefer to place him in a foster home where there are no other animals.
For more information about fostering Spaz, please email Teresa at info@hartofme.com. HART provides foster homes with food, litter, and medications, and we cover all vet costs. We just ask fosters to provide love and daily care.

Colin- Adult male

Colin, known to his original rescuers as Spunkster, is one lucky guy. He was within hours of being euthanized at a Maryland shelter when one person rallied a small army of people to save his life and get him to HART. Colin was going to be euthanized simply because he is diabetic. HART has become known as a great shelter for diabetic cats and we are happy to have such a good reputation, but we can only take diabetic cats in if we can adopt out the ones we have.
Colin is well on his way to no longer needing insulin shots to control his diabetes. We feed our diabetics Fancy Feast canned food (no dry food at all) and we have been able to get a number of these cats controlled by diet alone. Colin is a very sweet boy who stole hearts all the way up the East Coast when he traveled. He gets along with other cats and he should have no trouble settling in to a new home.


     Adoption fees waived on all of our diabetic cats!



Shark- Senior male

If you’re looking for a laid-back buddy, Shark is your guy!  He came to us in early 2014 because his owner couldn’t take care of his diabetes. Shark is friendly, sweet and very calm.  He loves rubbing up against your legs and taking long catnaps - solo or with a companion.  He gets along very well with his roommates, and he is the first one to welcome a new arrival. He would do well in most households, as nothing seems to faze this handsome fellow.  Thanks to our low carb diet, we have been able to decrease Shark's insulin dose, and he may be able to come off insulin completely in the right environment (like his very own home!).

           Adoption fees waived on all of our diabetic cats!

Roxy- Senior female

Our Roxy is a survivor! She was surrendered through one of our vets by an owner who could not manage her diabetes. Then, when what appeared to be a UTI didn't respond to treatment, we did more testing and found out Roxy had bladder cancer! Her cancer was surgically removed, and her doctor said we got good margins, so the surgery was curative - cancer is now in Roxy's past. She has no post-operative bladder or urinary issues.
To continue the good news, in the fall of 2014 we successfully took Roxy off of insulin! Her blood sugar numbers are great and she is now a diet-controlled diabetic!
Roxy tolerates the other cats in her room, but she would also be quite happy as your one and only. Her gorgeous blue- green eyes are just mesmerizing - can't you picture Roxy spending her retirement with you?

      Adoption fees waived on all of our diabetic cats! 

Miss Kitty- Adult female
Miss Kitty is just the sweetest cat! She doesn't care to compete with the other cats for your attention, but when you sit and focus on her, you will absolutely make her day. She loves to be held and is such a snuggler. She has severe eye damage from an illness when she was young and requires twice daily eye medication but she is easy to medicate. Her eye doctor is pleased with the status of her eyes and does not feel that any more intervention, besides the ongoing drops, will be required. A HART volunteer has offered to pay for her eye drops for life!

Miss Kitty never fully rebounded from a kidney infection a few months ago and she has renal insufficiency, requiring subcutaneous fluids every 3 days (and this will continue indefinitely). Our medical team would be happy to show you how to do the fluids, but between that and the eye drops, she is very much a special needs kitty
Miss Kitty has also been diagnosed as a diabetic since she came into our care, but she has stable blood sugars on our low-carb canned food diet (classic Fancy Feast flavors) and does not need insulin.
Miss Kitty has been at HART since May of 2012 - she is long overdue for a home to call her own. Are you her new person?

Polly- Senior female

Polly has a chronic bladder condition called cystitis. She requires vet visits every few months to monitor the condition and make sure she has not developed an infection. She would do best on an all wet food diet, as this gets more fluid in her diet and keeps her urinary system flushed out. She is a very sweet girl who adores attention, and she would love a retirement home where she can nap in the sun.

Gibson-Adult male

Gibson is a very sweet boy whose family moved to a remote area of Alaska. They knew they would no longer be able to properly care for him as a diabetic, so they made the difficult decision to surrender Gibson to HART. Gibson had a tough time adjusting to the shelter at first, but now he is out and about in his room and loves attention. He enjoys his Fancy Feast diet and no longer requires any insulin-and this is likely to be the case -especially in a lower-stress environment like his very own home!

          Adoption fees waived on all of our diabetic cats!

Louie- Adult male

Louie is a fabulous cat, but he has special needs that significantly limit his adoption prospects. In January 2012, Louie was hit by a car, and the damage to his rear end was severe. His tail had to be amputated and he has enough nerve damage that he has some bowel and bladder issues. Louie wants to make it to the litter box, but sometimes accidents happen. A diaper could be an option for an adopter. Louie needs help cleaning up his backside a few times a week. He has no trouble walking or jumping.

Louie adores getting attention from all of his fans and he will follow you around the room so you can pet him again and again. Louie also gets along very well with his roommates. We expect our boy will wind up spending his life at HART, but even though we think we do a great job at HART, a shelter is still not a home. We know there aren't many homes that can accommodate Louis' special needs, but if you are interested in learning more, we would love to talk to you!

Maizey- Adult female

Maizey is a pretty girl, and she attracts a lot of attention because of her beauty.  She has been adopted several times, but returned because she would poop outside the box.  We figured out that she was very constipated, and when she could finally go, she would, no matter where she was. We are treating her with a laxative powder that is mixed in her wet food. This is something she will need to continue for life. Maizey is much better about the litter box, though there are still occasional accidents in her room. She always uses the box to urinate. Maizey is not right for every home, but if you would like to consider adopting Maizey, our adoption team would love to have a conversation with you





Placed in Hospice Care








Grace-Senior female 

Grace is a pretty patch tabby who came to HART in September 2014 with her nearly identical sister Belle. Grace is a very sweet girl who is a bit shy, but she really likes being petted and brushed.
Grace began showing signs of illness and discomfort just after the holidays. We had her evaluated, and unfortunately her diagnosis is intestinal lymphoma and an enlarged spleen. We have started treatment of her symptoms and she is feeling a bit better, but everything we are doing is palliative as her diagnosis is terminal. We do not know how long Grace will be with us, but we are confident that her quality of life, and probably the length of her life, will be much better if she could leave the shelter for a hospice foster home.
Grace requires oral medications and subcutaneous fluids twice a day, and will have a pain medication available as needed. You do not need any prior medical training to care for a cat like Grace - our medical volunteers are happy to train you, and it really is a simple process once you've done it a few times. Grace originally seemed very bonded with her sister, but we do not feel keeping them together is a requirement any more. Grace can live with other cats, but she would also be very happy if she could have a foster parent all to herself.
For more information about fostering Grace, please email Teresa at info@hartofme.com. HART provides foster homes with food, litter, and medications, and we cover all vet costs. We just ask fosters to provide love and daily care.

Ruby-Adult female

Ruby is a pretty Ragdoll kitty who has Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). She needs a special diet and daily medication, but this is easy to manage. She loves the grain-free food we feed our IBD cats and she doesn't mind her pill. Ruby originally came to HART in 2013 and was adopted in the fall of 2014. Unfortunately her medical needs and her adopter's capacity to manage them were not a good fit, and Ruby came back in March 2015 a little worse for wear. Now that she is back on the right food and medication, her health is quickly getting back to normal. Ruby is a friendly girl who likes attention on her terms. She does not like other cats, so she does not show herself well at the shelter. She was a wonderful companion to a single older woman and would appreciate finding a similar home again. Ruby does not have enough patience to live with children too young to learn her boundaries.

Star- Adult female

Star came to HART in December 2013 as a sickly stray. We found out she is diabetic and her health improved dramatically with proper treatment. This pretty Maine Coon mix was adopted in the summer of 2014 but recently returned because of a new health issue. Star had fur loss around her tail and she got a steroid injection. She started having trouble breathing, which may have been a reaction to the injection. The vet suspected cardiac trouble and wanted to do more testing but the owner elected to euthanize instead. We convinced the owner to surrender Star and began a medical workup right away. Tests showed some fluid around her heart and lungs, but she responded quickly to medication to remove the fluid. We think that after a short course of that medication she will not need it anymore. Star does require twice a day insulin injections for her diabetes. This sweet, friendly girl deserves another chance at a forever home.

                                      And remember:

           Adoption fees waived on all of our diabetic cats!

Abby- Senior female

Abby was originally surrendered to another shelter in April 2014. She had been diagnosed as diabetic but her family could not afford the care, so she didn't get any. Because she urinated so much, they kept her caged for 6 months before finally surrendering her. Unlike HART, the other shelter must keep diabetic cats caged because of their special dietary needs. Abby was very fearful in a cage, and she gained a lot of weight during her time there. A diabetic-friendly foster home gave her a break from the shelter, and her foster mom couldn't bear the thought of Abby returning to a cage at the shelter. HART was able to offer Abby a place in our diabetic room. Abby is a couch potato and nothing would make her happier then spending hours sitting next to you while you pet her. She doesn't like to sit on laps or be picked up, but that might come with time. Abby doesn't seem interested in play, but some gentle exercise would benefit her greatly. Abby requires twice a day insulin shots for her diabetes, but once she is finally happy in a home of her own, it might be possible for her to no longer need the shots.

         Adoption fees waived on all of our diabetic cats!

Carmelo - Young Male
Carmelo is a fabulous young boy who came to HART because he is diabetic. It is unusual for a cat to be diagnosed with diabetes at such a young age (Carmelo was diagnosed at about 9 months old). We are working on regulating his insulin dose and we are hopeful that he will be able to eventually control his diabetes through diet alone. We feed our diabetic cats canned food only. Carmelo is friendly and affectionate, and he just adores getting attention.


         Adoption fees waived on all of our diabetic cats!


FIV Positive...

A few important facts about Feline Immunodeficiency Virus:

• FIV cannot be transmitted to humans
• infected cats can live a long, healthy life
• no special medication is required
• care simply involves providing a sound diet (NO raw foods), routine veterinary exams and protection against secondary infection
(i.e., vaccinate against other viral diseases; control parasites - fleas/worms/mites; keep indoors and away from other cats)

Check out this informative article, Five Things You Might Not Know About Cats and FIV and take a minute to watch this video for more information about feline FIV.



Sweetie Pie- Adult female

This pretty little tortie lady has the perfect name. She is one sweet kitty! She was brought up from New Jersey so that she would have a chance at a new home once she was discovered to be FIV+. Sweetie Pie has beautiful tortoiseshell coloring and a heart of gold. She is loving and friendly- to other cats as well as to humans She is only a couple of years old, and still really enjoys playing. Doesn't that expression just say "Take me home"! Sweetie Pie and Bess are great friends and would love to go home together!

Bess- Adult female Behavior Modification Program Behavior Modification Program Behavior Modification Program
Bess is a 4 year old girl who is very timid. She was surrendered by her owner who had to move, and is still adjusting to shelter life. Bess is FIV+. She has lived peacefully in an active family with other cats and dogs, and kids. Bess is a pretty gray and white girl with short hair. She is becoming less scared but doesn't trust new people yet. She would really blossom in her new home if she went with her BFF, Sweetie Pie!

Harrison Ford- Adult male

Harrison Ford is one cool dude with unique salt-and-pepper fur. He was a stray and he is FIV+, and because of this the shelter who had him first was going to euthanize him (they do not have the capacity to house FIV+ cats like HART does). We were able to help and Harrison Ford has now been with us since November 2013, waiting for his new home. He is a laid back boy who enjoys attention. He generally gets along with his feline roommates, but he might do best as an only cat. We have seen him pick on cats he perceives as weaker than he is - he spent all those years trying to survive on the streets and fend for himself, so we can't blame him for learning that behavior!


Paulie- Young male

Paulie came to HART in August, all the way from Maryland. He was a stray and a kind man took him into his home, but the resident cats would not accept the newcomer. FIV+ cats often meet a sad fate in shelters and HART is happy to help when we can.
Paulie is a sweet boy and very laid back. As you can see, after a long day of lounging and relaxing, he was far too exhausted to pose for a photo. Paulie gets along with his roommates, but occasionally there are disagreements - FIV is most common among stray male cats, a population that is used to living alone and fending for themselves. Paulie deserves a loving home and family and we hope he won't have to wait much longer!

Calvin- Adult male

Calvin was brought to the shelter as as tray and was discovered to have AIDS.He is still quite timid, but is adjusting slowly to shelter life. He would need a quiet and patient home to allow him to adjust to a family life., but it certainly could be done. He would be a great companion kitty as he is used to other kitties.




Slate- Adult male

Slate is a handsome boy with a plush gray coat. He was part of a group of feral cats being fed by a kind person. The cats in the group were trapped, spayed and neutered, and returned to their home area - this way they could continue to live their lives, but not add any more kittens to the colony. Slate was originally very shy, but he began to warm up to the people who cared for him. It didn't take long before he was comfortable and friendly enough to come inside from the cold.
Slate came to HART from a small rescue group up north. He is just a little reserved, but he is calm and relaxed, and happy to be petted.Slate has tested positive for FIV, which is not surprising after his life outside. Our medical team would be happy to tell you more about FIV. With proper management (really, just routine vet care) FIV+ cats can live just as long as cats who don't have the virus.

Cyrus- Adult male

Cyrus is a sweet guy who loves attention. He was adopted last year but recently returned because he had a few days of urinating outside his litter box. Cyrus was returned to the shelter instead of being seen by a vet, so we quickly had him evaluated by our vet and he was diagnosed with a simple UTI. He will be just fine with a course of antibiotics, and he has had no further litter box accidents.  Adopters of FIV+ cats need to know that their cats are almost as healthy as cats without the virus, but their immune systems are not quite as strong and a visit to the vet needs to be the first action taken whenever the cat has a behavior or symptom outside of their normal routine. FIV+ cats are wonderful cats who should live a normal lifespan as long as they receive routine medical care, and extra care if situations arise. Cyrus is a wonderful cat who deserves another chance at a forever home. 

Teto- Adult male

Teto was brought to our shelter by a kind person that had taken him in from his owner. Teto was a beloved member of that family, but the original owners had a lifestyle change and could no longer keep him with them since they traveled for work. Teto was an indoor outdoor kitty, and his second person decided he needed to be tested for AIDS and leukemia. He tested positive for FIV, so HART was asked to help. Many shelters do not have the ability to house these special cats. Teto had wounds on his side, probably from a run in with another animal, but they are all healed now. Teto is a good-natured boy who appreciates being petted and gets along with his roommates. He would be a great addition to a relaxed home. Our adoption team would be happy to teach you more about FIV+ cats!

Bill- Adult male

Bill came to HART in March 2015 with a group of kittens and young cats transported from the South. Bill is FIV+, and while the virus is really not a big deal, testing positive in an overcrowded southern kill shelter is an immediate death sentence unless a rescue group can step in. Bill is a bit shy but he does seem to enjoy being petted. He feels safest when other cats are around. As soon as Bill was brought into our FIV room, he climbed into an occupied box and snuggled in with the other kitty. Bill is a sweet young boy in search of a family who will be patient and kind while he learns to trust.

Senior cats...

If you're looking to adopt a cat, why not consider adopting an older cat? Senior cats have several positive qualities that a younger kitten might have yet to
develop. According to the Humane Society, qualities that make senior animals excellent companions include:

• Older animals already know the ropes. Many are patient and wise, making it easier to assimilate them into a new home.
• Mature animals often give you some time to yourself, as their physical demands are not as high.
• Older animals can learn quickly.  Their ability to focus can be leaps and bounds ahead of impetuous kittens.

So, take a look at some of our "veterans" and see if there's one meant for you!














Emerson- Senior male

Emerson is a handsome Flame Point Himalayan who was brought to a local vet for euthanasia. We have no idea why, as his manners and his senior bloodwork are absolutely perfect. The vet felt the same way, and they were able to save Emerson’s life and asked HART to take him in. Emerson is a friendly boy who loves people. We do not know if Emerson ever lived with other animals, but he does not seem fond at all of the other cats in his room. He is new to the room, so that may change, but we know he would be happy being an on only kitty. Emerson is having his teeth cleaned soon, and then he will be all set to pack his bags and head off to a new home!

Denny- Senior male

Denny is a sweet, gentle, old man cat. He is a diet controlled diabetic and also hyperthyroid. He has never needed insulin at HART, and he takes his thyroid medication easily. He originally came to HART way back in December 2011. He was adopted for a few months in early 2014, but he was urinating outside the box and his adopter decided he couldn't stay. There have been no signs of inappropriate urination back at the shelter though. We know the right home is waiting for Denny - he is a wonderful lap cat and he would love to keep you warm all winter. Do you have the quiet, relaxed home that would make his senior years shine

  Adoption fees waived on all of our diabetic cats!

Mona- Senior female

Mona was adopted as a kitten but returned in June 2014 because she was extremely stressed by the new dog in her home. Between the experience with the dog and transitioning to life at the shelter, Mona over-groomed because of the stress and lost quite a bit of fur. Now her fur has all grown back and it is sleek and soft. Mona does not really like sharing her space with other cats, but she tolerates her roommates as long as they do not invade her personal space.
She would be happy to be your only pet, but she could live with a laid-back cat who gives her some distance. Mona is a sweet kitty who would love a new home where she can relax and enjoy napping in a sunny window.

Sam- Senior male

Sam is a very sweet older boy who loves attention. He was surrendered with his younger friend, Sophie when their owner could no longer keep her beloved kitties with her. Sam will happily sit with you for hours, and he would probably be a great companion at night too. Sam is hyperthyroid, but he is doing well on his daily medication. He is easy to medicate, and his medication could be made into many forms, whatever is easiest for his new owner to give. Sam had his teeth cleaned this fall, and he is feeling great.
Sam's friend Sophie has had surgery for breast cancer (yes, it can happen in cats too!) and we will be doing a follow up x-ray in December. Her cancer is a type that is, unfortunately, likely to reoccur. If anyone is looking for an exceptionally sweet pair of kitties with special medical needs, we would love to see them go home together, but it is not a requirement. Sam would prefer a quiet home without young children, where he can relax and enjoy his golden years.

Simon-Senior male -TEMP. Medical Hold

Simon is a very handsome Lynx point Siamese who was surrendered through a local vet office because his family could no longer provide the care he needed. The family had asked the vet to euthanize Simon, but the vet was able to convince them to allow transfer to HART instead. He is hyperthyroid and requires daily medication, but it is a medication that is inexpensive, and could be compounded into several different forms that make it easy to give. Simon has a history of one instance of struvite crystals in his urine, so we will recheck that soon but we are not convinced that this is a current problem for Simon.
Simon is still pretty new to the shelter, and initially he showed a great dislike for the other cats in his room. He is doing better now, but we still think he would be happiest as the only cat at his next house.

Dasiy- Senior female

Daisy is a sweet girl who was returned from her long term home this winter, and then again from an adoption that did not work out. Daisy lived with her adopter for a few weeks, and the adopter felt that Daisy hid all the time and urinated around the house. We have learned that Daisy has always had a shy personality and there may have been some urination issues before her first surrender. We have diagnosed Daisy with hyperthyroidism and she is now well regulated on twice a day medication. At the shelter, we have seen Daisy spend a fair amount of time by herself - there are quite a few cats with strong personalities in her room. However, she has also initiated conflicts with those same cats, so we feel Daisy needs to be the only pet at her new home. We have not observed a single instance of Daisy urinating outside the litter box, but we have noticed that she does not tuck her hind end into the box very well and tends to urinate over the edge of the box. This could be solved by getting Daisy a box with very high sides or a cover. Daisy is seeking a very quiet home where she can be allowed to settle in at her own slow pace. She may always prefer to hide, but she is really a sweet girl who appreciates attention, and she would be ever so glad to leave the shelter environment one more time.

Sydney- Senior female -mom is Mackenxie

Sydney wants to stay with her mom, Mackenzie, the pretty long hair Maine coon mix on the left, and you can read more about them in her profile. These two kitties are very deserving and can't wait to get into a home soon. Won't you please consider giving these two pretty tiger girls their forever home together?

Mackenzie- Senior female - mom to Sydney

Mackenzie is a little older than Sydney (their ages are our best guess) so we think they are either a mother-daughter pair or sisters from different litters. The girls have been living outside for a very long time, surviving on the handouts of kind neighborhood folks. They are very sweet, though understandably a little nervous about their new surroundings. The girls have had a hard life and they deserve to be inside and warm with plenty to eat. Now they just need a cozy lap to snuggle on. They are very bonded and need to be adopted together.

Spencer- Senior male

Spencer was adopted as a kitten but it seems he never felt comfortable in his home. The people who surrendered him said Spencer spent all his time in the basement and he rarely if ever saw a vet because no one was able to touch him. Spencer was vocal and very unhappy for a few days at HART, but he quickly calmed and quieted. He remains shy, but he is friendly and allows volunteers to pet him. Spencer is looking for a quiet home where a patient adopter will give him love and attention but also allow him to settle in at his own pace.

Max- Adult male

Max was not a happy camper when he came to HART in May 2014 - his owners moved and he was quite unhappy with his new life in a shelter.  He has mellowed considerably, and he really is a sweet guy. It sounds like he was a bit of a bully toward his sister in their former home, and he can be an alpha cat in his room at HART. He prefers to keep to himself rather than interacting with his roommates, and he's told us he would really prefer to be the only pet in his new home (no dogs either). He would be ok with children who are old enough to respect his boundaries - he likes to be petted, but on his terms. Max is front declawed

Jimmi - Senior Female
Jimmi came to HART when her owner had to move to assisted living. She lived with another cat, but the other cat tended to boss Jimmi around so we have placed them in separate rooms. Jimmi is a sweet older lady who would love for a gentle soul to scoop her up and take her home. She is a lap cat and a snuggler. Jimmi might be ok with another cat if it has a personality similar to hers, but she does not want to live with another bossy cat or any dogs.

Lulu - Senior Female
Lulu's owner had to move to assisted living, and cats were unfortunately not welcome. Lulu is very affectionate and loves to be petted. She has settled into one of our cat rooms but she is not happy to have so many feline roommates. Lulu came in with another cat, but their owner reported that Lulu was not nice to her. Lulu is a sweet girl who prefers dogs over kitties and is great with people. She enjoys attention and would be a great companion kitty.

Kramer - Senior Male
Kramer is deaf, but that doesn't bother him at all. Unfortunately, his owner's neighbors in the apartment building were not at all pleased with his loud singing and they complained. Kramer is as sweet as can be and he loves attention - and he demands a lot of it. Since he can't hear you, he feels most comfortable when you are in his sight so that he knows he is not alone. Kramer would be happiest if someone were home most of the time in his new home. He has lived with other cats, small dogs, and children in the past and gets along with everyone.

Souris - Senior Female
Souris' owners surrendered her to HART because of GI issues. She experienced loose stools and had trouble cleaning herself, so there were some messes around the house. We are feeding Souris grain-free food and monitoring the results. She is getting a long-overdue dental cleaning and will be shaved to remove many painful mats. Souris is a sweet kitty with a grumpy face. She loves attention and will be a wonderful companion.

Samantha - Senior Female
Samantha is a gorgeous Ragdoll who was surrendered when neither owner could keep the cats after the relationship ended. She came to HART with another cat, but while they were friendly, they were not a bonded pair. Samantha is a quiet girl, but she is friendly and affectionate. She gets along with other cats but does not want to live with a dog

Noel - Senior Male
Noel is a big gentle guy who might have some Maine Coon in him. He was surrendered along with another cat when their owners split up and neither was able to keep the cats. Noel was friendly with the other cat but not bonded, so they are available for adoption separately. Noel is very laid back and his former owners report that he gets along well with cats, dogs, and children.


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