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adopt a pair of cats/kittens and save!

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Adopt a Cat

If you want to welcome a lifelong companion into your home, call the shelter (207-829-4116) to make an appointment to visit and find the one that is right for you.  All of our cats are tested for feline leukemia (FELV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), are current on their rabies and distemper vaccinations and are spayed/neutered prior to going to their new home.  HART's adoption fee is as follows: $100 for Kittens up to 6 months of age; $75 for Kittens over 6 months and Adults up to 10 years of age; $50 for Adults over 10 years of age and Special Needs Adults. 

Click here for our adoption application, then fax (207-772-6177) or mail (see application for address) your completed application to us.  If you prefer to email your application, click here for an adoption application in Microsoft Word format.  After entering your information, save the document and attach it in an email to info@hartofme.com.

Please note that HART maintains a strict indoor-only policy for all adoptions. Read this informative article.

Sponsor a Cat

HART accepts sponsorship for any of our over 100 shelter residents for as little as $15.00 a month. This is a great opportunity to support the shelter and have a direct impact on the life of a kitty of your choice. Please click the following link for more information: HART's Sponsorship Program


Special Cats Seeking Special Owners!

At HART, we consider all of our cats to be "special", but the cats on this page need special owners.  Some of these cats require medication, others would prefer a home without children or other pets and still others need an owner with extra patience as they adjust to their new home.  All of these cats need someone who can see their potential as loyal, loving companions despite the little extra care they might require.  Are you one of the exceptional people who can find a place in their hearts and homes for one of these cats?  If so, contact the shelter (207-829-4116; email: info@hartofme.com) to make an appointment to visit or stop in to our open house on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Medical considerations...

Each cat listed in this section has a medical condition such as diabetes, kidney issues, limb impairments, blindness, or other diagnosis. All are in good health and, with proper care, have positive prognosis for a full life. HART is committed to educating prospective owners about these conditions and the care they require. Please don't overlook these deserving kitties - you'll be surprised to learn just how normal they are and how minimal their care can be!

Here are a few Feline Diabetes resources...

Julia- Seniort female
Miss Julia is a super senior and is about 13 years old. She was surrendered to us by a local vet as her owner didn't want to care for her anymore and she was in danger of euthanasia. Julia is trying to get the hang of shelter life and isn't too keen on it (as one could imagine). She came to us with several bad teeth that were not attended to and was on an oral medication to treat her diabetes. Unfortunately, Miss Julia was also declawed, so she may be extra fearful around other kitties as she feels unable to defend herself. HART took care of Julia's bad teeth and we are still trying to regulate her insulin. She LOVES when her Wellness Grain Free food is watered down, so that is what we do for her. We just wish she'd eat a bit more at a sitting. Julia was started on 1 unit BID of Lantus, but that seems to be too much for her right now, so we reduced her to .5 units BID. If that proves to be too much we will reduce her again! Stay tuned for more on Miss Julia. We believe she is an EXCELLENT candidate to come off insulin with the proper care and diet that she deserves. Please consider adopting this lovely lady who deserves a retirement HOME in her twilight years. She easily purrs when petted but still enjoys the safety of a show cage where she can watch the other residents of the Diet Controlled Room interact.

Don't hesitate to contact HART to inquire about adopting this sweet older girl!

Hamlet- Senior male

Hamlet, a beautiful, friendly, long-haired, 12-year-old, diabetic, boy kitty is a new resident at HART. He has only been with us for a couple of weeks and was a recent intake due to his elderly owner needing to go into assisted living. Unfortunately, they didn't allow her to bring Hamlet along. This hasn't phased Hamlet one bit! From day one, he was sweet as sugar! However, after a few days following intake, it was noticed that his water bowl was always empty and his litter box was NOT, so his blood sugar was tested and it came back over 400! Hamlet was started on Lantus insulin immediately, dry food was removed from his diet, and is currently on a 1 unit dosage of insulin BID. He accepts his insulin with no fuss and allows us to easily home test his blood sugar. He currently eats a canned only grain-free diet and really seems to like his new diet. The only thing missing for this extra-sweet boy is a new forever home! Could it be yours?


One of our very generous volunteers has offered to donate $100.00 worth of Fancy Feast when you adopt Hamlet!

Jackie- Senior female
Jackie, one of our newest diabetic residents, is a pretty Siamese lady and is about 8 years old. She came to HART because she was diabetic and her mom was working 2 jobs and unable to properly care for Jackie's diabetes due to her time from home.
She was eating M/D wet and dry food and was previously on ProZinc insulin, but at HART we feed our diabetics Grain Free, so we changed her to Wellness Grain Free and switched her to Lantus insulin so she can be switched to our protocols. She wasn't too sure how she felt about all these new changes and we had to convince her that the food was for her own good.
As it turns out, she just didn't like life in a cage! Now that she is free to move about our Diet Controlled Room at HART, she enjoys moving from platter to platter sampling the different flavors of Wellness available to her! She has been non-confrontational with ALL of the other kitties right from the start. We believe she would do FABULOUS in any multi cat household. She hasn't bonded with any of the other kitties but is figuring out who are the friendlier ones that she can associate with. Nor has she shown interest in any toys yet, but will watch several other residents go nuts chasing the elusive red dot. It might be "below her station" to chase toys! She is Princess Jackie after all! Jackie enjoys attention and will allow you to brush her. She has the typical Meezer Meow but is not super vocal unless she's waiting for a meal. So far, Jackie is doing very well on 1 unit of Lantus BID. We hope, over time, that she may lose the need for insulin and we will continue monitoring her progress.

Star- Adult female

This sweet and beautiful lady is Star, a stray kitty who was rescued and brought to us in December. She has had trouble gaining weight, and was recently diagnosed as a diabetic, and we are in the process of regulating her insulin requirements. She was matted and dirty sine she had been on her own for awhile- but she is now growing out her beautiful Maine Coon long hair fur coat, and is quite a beauty. Our vet estimates her to be about 8 years old. Star loves your attention and pets, and is a real sweetie pie.

Miss Bentley- Senior female
Miss Bentley is a long hair black and white 14 year old beauty who has been diagnosed with hyperthyroid since coming to HART. Her owner was no longer able to care for his pet. Miss Bentley loves to nap and might be a great lap cat.

FIV Positive...

A few important facts about Feline Immunodeficiency Virus:

• FIV cannot be transmitted to humans
• infected cats can live a long, healthy life
• no special medication is required
• care simply involves providing a sound diet (NO raw foods), routine veterinary exams and protection against secondary infection
(i.e., vaccinate against other viral diseases; control parasites - fleas/worms/mites; keep indoors and away from other cats)

Check out this informative article, Five Things You Might Not Know About Cats and FIV and take a minute to watch this video for more information about feline FIV.


Calvin - Adult male Behavior Modification Program Behavior Modification Program Behavior Modification Program
Calvin was brought to the shelter as as stray and was discovered to have feline AIDS. He is still quite timid, but is adjusting slowly to shelter life. He would need a quiet and patient home to allow him to adjust to a family life, but it certainly could be done. He would be a great companion kitty as he is used to other kitties.

Bess- Adult female Behavior Modification Program Behavior Modification Program Behavior Modification Program
Bess is a 4 year old girl who is very timid. She was surrendered by her owner who had to move, and is still adjusting to shelter life. Bess is FIV+. She has lived peacefully in an active family with other cats and dogs, and kids. Bess is a pretty gray and white girl with short hair. She is becoming less scared but doesn't trust new people yet.

Penelope II- Adult female
Penelope is a great cat. As you can see, she is a lovely Maine Coon mix kitty who is about three years old. We think she needs to be an only cat, as she is definitely an alpha kitty! Penelope loves attention, but hates to share it. She can swat, sometimes it seems random, and at others she can become possessive of a toy, her bed, or something else she feels belongs only to her. If there are children in her new home, they need to be old enough to respect her boundari

Sweetie Pie- Adult female

This pretty little tortie lady has the perfect name. She is one sweet kitty! She was brought up from New Jersey so that she would have a chance at a new home once she was discovered to be FIV+. Sweetie Pie has beautiful tortoiseshell coloring and a heart of gold. She is loving and friendly- to other cats as well as to humans She is only a couple of years old, and still really enjoys playing. Doesn't that expression just say "Take me home"!













Benson- Adult male

This friendly orange tiger guy is about 11/2 - 2 years old and is anxious to find his home. He was found as a stray, and when his rescuers found out he was FIV+, they decided to surrender him. He is a nice boy who seems a little sad right now. He is interacting with the other kitties in his room, but looks forward to human attention. Please consider this kitty who is healthy and full of love to join you and your family.

Harrison Ford- Adult male

This cool looking dude is Harrison Ford- a stray from another shelter that was going to be pout to sleep just because f being FIV+. He is very laid back and loves being petted. Harrison's black fur has white flecks in it and it is quite unique. Please come to meet this very special guy'


Winston II- Adult male

This big ole boy is Winston, and he made a long journey from Florida to Maine in order to save his life. He was not going to get out of a high kill shelter in the south, and many dedicated volunteers made it possible to transport him and give him another chance here at HART .Winston is a friendly guy, who is just a bit unsettled after all of his travels, but is starting to adjust to life in our FIV room. He is anxious to find his forever home though, so would love for you to come meet him soon!









Lexie- Young female  foster care Behavior Modification Program Behavior Modification Program

This beautiful patch tabby girl is Lexie. She is 5 months old now and has been with us in foster care since the very end of December. When she arrived it was discovered that she is FIV+- meaning that she has Feline AIDS. Lexie has been living in a home where she has not interacted with other kitties while we tried several therapies to see if her immune system would be able to overcome this. The vet has determined that she is definitely FIV+ so we are now looking for her forever home with this in mind. She is extremely sweet and loving, and just a delightful kitten. She would love to be in her forever home, perhaps one with another FIV+ kitty where she would be free to play and interact with another feline. We would not recommend a home just yet that has a non FIV+ kitty sine she is so active and playful there could inadvertently be some scratching and biting that occurs. Please contact us for more information on this very sweet and affectionate and social girl!


Senior cats...

If you're looking to adopt a cat, why not consider adopting an older cat? Senior cats have several positive qualities that a younger kitten might have yet to
develop. According to the Humane Society, qualities that make senior animals excellent companions include:

• Older animals already know the ropes. Many are patient and wise, making it easier to assimilate them into a new home.
• Mature animals often give you some time to yourself, as their physical demands are not as high.
• Older animals can learn quickly.  Their ability to focus can be leaps and bounds ahead of impetuous kittens.

So, take a look at some of our "veterans" and see if there's one meant for you!

Tiger Lily II- Senior female Behavior Modification Program
Pretty Tiger Lily is slowly adjusting to life at the shelter.  She is about 11 or 12 years old, and is starting to seek out attention from our volunteers and visitors. Tiger Lily  enjoys being petted and scritched under her chin, but doesn't care for other kitties. She will seek out attention, but will let you know when she's had enough.  She loves a nice comfy spot in the sunshine. Please come soon to meet this lovely lady, she would love to be queen of your home!


Julius- Senior male

Julius is an easy-going older male cat who has a whole lot of love to give to the person or family who gives him a home.  According to his former foster family, this is not a cat who needs a lot of adjustment time in his new home.  He's confident, sociable and extremely friendly with humans.  He enjoys snuggling up in bed, on a lap or just near-by in the sun.  He does not, however, enjoy having other cats around and should be placed in a single cat household as the ideal companion cat.












Snoopy- Senior male
Snoopy came to our shelter as an owner surrender and was born in 2003.. He is a nice looking, short hair, black and white guy who is very gentle. He gets along with other cats and is used to living with them. Snoopy is a nice gentle kitty who is looking for some TLC since he is not used to this type of living arrangement. He will make a loyal companion for you so please call soon


Sassy- Senior female

Pretty Sassy came to us when found after her owners just moved away and left her to fend for herself. She is a slightly older girl, but has lots of love to give. She was very matted when found, and while brushing removed some of the badly clumped fur, we had to resort to shaving her. Her hair is just starting to grow back, soft and we bet nice and fluffy. She enjoys the brush so her new owners will win her over easily with that. Sassy can't wait for her new home where she will be loved and cherished- and brushed daily


Tigger- Senior male

This handsome brown and black tabby boy is Tigger. He is a nice older boy, very sweet. Tigger would be a great companion cat He is gentle and sweet and would be a perfect kitty for an older couple perhaps!


Wanda- Senior female
Wiley Wanda is about 11, a black and white long hair kitty who was a stray who didn't like the rescuer's dog. Now at the shelter, it's clear she doesn't like cats either. She doesn't get into confrontations unless other cats start it, mostly she keeps to herself. Wanda loves people and loves to get attention. She has been declawed and is looking for someone to offer her a comfy lap to curl up in.

Smokey- Senior female

This pretty kitty is Smokey, who is looking to be your one and only little diva at home. Smokey is a 10 year old snowshoe Siamese who's owner died. She is adjusting to life at the shelter but would love to be out in a home again where doesn't have to share her space with so many cats Smokey doesn't understand what happened and misses her human- please take her home and give her all the TLC she deserves.


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